Walters State See Growth in Dual Enrollment

Walters State’s fall semester enrollment includes 1,996 high school students taking dual enrollment courses. Dual enrollment allows students to earn both high school and college credit by taking Walters State classes. Walters State leads the Tennessee Board of Regents in the number of dual enrollment students.

“Dual enrollment courses have always been popular,” Dr. Matthew Hunter, dean of high school programs at Walters State, said. “Now, the state will cover the cost for tuition for students to take up to five courses. That has been a catalyst for fast growth.”

Hunter, who is also dean of the Newport Center and P16, said Walters State is offering more classes at more high schools, another reason for the increase.

“We have added more in-school courses,” Hunter said. “We are reaching out more to our rural students and smaller high schools. In the past, students at small rural high schools often drove to one of our campuses or took the course online. Those options don’t always work. We’re trying to meet every student where they are.”

More career-technical education courses are also offered now. Popular examples are agriculture business and engineering technology.

The college has offered dual enrollment for over 20 years and students have a 93% pass rate. Courses transfer to both in-state and out-of-state, four-year institutions.

“We have tremendous relationships with the high schools we serve,” Hunter said. “We have great faculty who take the time to build necessary relationships with our students.”

Colton McLain is a high school senior who plans to graduate with at least a semester’s worth of college credit.

“I am getting college credit while still in high school. That’s the best part of it,” McLain said.

For students with extra motivation, the college offers Middle College. Through Middle College, students earn an associate degree while in high school and enter college as juniors. Sixty-three students are currently enrolled.
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