Walters State Faculty Member Named Educator of the Year

The Tennessee Communication Association has named a Walters State Community College faculty member Educator of the Year. Bambi Pelham, an instructor of communications, received the honor at the organization’s annual conference.

Bambi Pelham brings energy and excellence to her classroom every day,” Rob Pratt, who serves as dean of the Division of Humanities and associate professor of communications, said. “Communication is about helping students discover themselves and enabling them to better connect with others as they prepare for careers in all fields. Ms. Pelham is an ideal guide for them as they grow. No one connects better with our students, and this award signifies that her communication peers across the state recognize her capabilities.”

The award recognizes an individual who has made a significant contribution to communication education in Tennessee.

Pelham joined the college in 2021. She is a native of Eolia, Kentucky.